Asked: How can I get hair like justin bieber?

Ok first for all the people who hate him,IDC what u think about just tell me how to get hair like him. Now I have short hair but it will grow but the problem is when my my hair grows it curls up a little.

So what products should I use,and what should I do


I cannot aid you in this most terrible of endeavors and still have a clear conscience.

Go and shower and wash your hair.
Comb your hair over your eyes, whilst it is still wet. If you
have straight hair then you can just blow-dry it now, but if
your hair is curly and thick you may need to use a comb
while blow-drying it. When your hair is well-dried, it might
still be a bit curly. If this is the case, straighten it, but
this is not necessary if your hair is already straight or has
been sufficiently been straightened.


You can get one of the tiny flat irons to use on shirt hair when it starts to form curl again with the length.

Product wise, I suggest a matte pomade type with a dot of serum mixed in for shine.

Kevin Murphy Night.Rider styling and Kevin Murphy Young.Again serum are awesome and work well together. But expensive but, lasts forever and totally worth i

Keep in mind, celebs have teams of stylists. Their hair is 1/4 the cut and 3/4 product and styling.

Find a good stylist and they'll help you out. 🙂

I've had lots if make clients come in and whisper that that's the hair they want.

A better question would be WHY. My hair usually looks like that when I get up in the morning.

You will need to style it with a round bristle brush and a blow dryer.

aw w….it may because of Ur hair …first u have to know abt Ur hair….u can get the curl style bt if u want to get hair like Justin then u must have straighten Ur hair.

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