Asked: How can I grow my hair 4 inches in 2 weeks time? Is it even possible?

I am really impatient and have waited several months for my hair to grow out, but I've only gotten 2 inches out of the 6 I want. Is there any way that I could grow 4 inches of hair in 2 weeks, or less? Or would I have to wait 3 or 4 weeks?


Get extensions

if you waited several months for your hair to grow out and it only grew 2 inches then you will have to wait even more months for the other 4 inches to grow out so i dont think you can get 4 inches of hair in 2 weeks of time. But what you can do is put on extensions.

I wish it was possible! Trust me it sucks waiting for hair to grow! There is really no way to make your hair grow much faster. Naturally your hair grows about an inch a month i believe. However, you can stimulate your scalp by massaging it everyday. This will bring blood flow to your scalp and help to speed up the process a bit.

im not sure it will grow that much that fast =( But ive heard the best thing to do is to avoid using heat on it…that is supposed to keep it healthy and help it grow…also using mane n tail really helped make my hair grow…i hope i helped in some way =)

Hair extensions is your only hope. Hair will not grow 4 inches in 2 weeks

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