Home remedies and hair growth is it possible to grow more hair well that all depends on

Home Remedies and Hair Growth

Home Remedies and Hair Growth

your health and family genetics according to the scientists.  It is common for people to lose some strands of their hair especially when wet or when they comb it often.  No need to worry unless you’re losing more than 100 strands of hair at the bottom of your shower drain. Experts say that it is normal to lose some hair on a daily basis.

If you think you are suffering from hair loss, the best thing to do is to visit an expert in this way you can get a proper diagnosis and available treatment options. Some people are more prone to hair loss and permanent baldness than others caused by genetics, nutrition, skin disorders etc.


Home remedies and hair growth – Is it possible?

For those who are experiencing temporary hair loss for whatever reason there are home remedies that can help with hair growth. The following home remedies can be used to deal with hair loss at home.


Scalp Massage

Scalp massage can be enjoyable and beneficial, ancient people have proven that massage can help stop excessive hair fall by making follicles of the hair stronger. It also helps with blood circulation in your scalp. Scalp massage is normally done with your fingers with gentle pressure if you can not do it yourself maybe a family member in your household maybe able to help you, also you can opt for an electric massaging unit which are available at most drugstores and wellness centers.


Hot Hair Oil Treatments

Experts have said that people who are prone to hair loss can benefit from hot oil treatments because the treatments can help with scalp disorders such as dandruff, itchy scalp and prevent hair fall by retaining moisture and the adding of vitamins. To get the most benefit from hot hair oil treatments you should at least treat your hair three times a week. You can apply the oils by gently massaging it into your scalp and hair then leaving it on for fifteen to twenty minutes before washing your hair as normal. And nowadays you can buy ready to use hot oil treatments that contain herbs with the oils such as olive oil, sesame oil and coconut oil. For a more relaxing hot oil treatment at home you can opt for the ones that have essential oils in them such thyme, lavender and others.


  Aloe Vera – Wonder Plant

Aloe Vera known as the wonder plant is one of the oldest plants known to man is a member of the Lilly family. It grows mainly in the dry regions of Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Depending on the state of your condition, Aloe Vera can be used as a hair tonic and shampoo by using the pulp and directly applying it on your scalp and hair. Aloe Vera is available as a gel, spray, lotion, liquid, cream and in capsule form.


Olive Oil – Cinnamon – Honey

The combination of olive oil cinnamon and honey is believed by many to have properties that can make the scalp as well as your hair healthier. By combining 1tsp. olive oil, 1tsp. cinnamon and a teaspoon honey mixed together to make a paste which then can be applied to the scalp and your hair.  Just like other hot oil treatments leave on for fifteen to 30 minutes and then wash out with your favorite shampoo.


   Home Remedies and Hair Growth Conclusions

  With all the wonderful and expensive hair products that are on the market today, we need to be on the search for inexpensive home remedies and products that help with growing more healthy and strong hair. I believe that some of the traditional methods from our past can help us on our journey to achieving this goal.

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